Why Your Old House Should Have Baseboard Heating

Are you the owner of an older home that can get cold and drafty during the winter? Are you tired of being chilly, even after doing as much weatherproofing on your house as possible? Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is to attack it from another angle. If you're not able to add enough insulation to keep you from feeling cold in the winter, you may need a different type of heating. [Read More]

3 Essential Tools Every Electrician Should Have

Whether you are just starting up your own electrical business or you are simply trying to make sure that you are prepared for any electrical work that you may have to complete on your own property, you will want to review the following tools that should be in every electrician's toolbox. Various Pliers While there may be more pliers out there, every electrical toolbox needs at least three different kinds. [Read More]

Stormy Weather: Why Investing In Whole-Home Surge Protection Is Better Than A Generator

When thunderstorms come rolling in, many people fear the possibility of power outages, lightning strikes, and fallen tree branches. To help prepare for a storm, many people may decide to invest in a generator. While generators may offer extra power resources, you should consider using your extra home budgeting money to invest in proper surge protection. Whole-home surge protection can make a huge difference on your house and allow you to get through large thunderstorms without so many worries. [Read More]

3 Ways To Be Safe When Doing Home Electrical Work

The electrical system in your home is something that's used every day, but not thought about until something breaks. Repairing something as simple as a light switch can be complex and dangerous when you are not sure what you are doing. These tips will help you stay safe if you need electrical work done in your home. Use Electrical Gloves When it comes to electrical work, using electrical gloves is comparable to using a hard hat in construction work. [Read More]