How To Change Out A Defective Switch

If you have a simple on-off switch that has stopped working, you can easily change out the defective switch and put in a new working one in under an hour with a few simple tools. Know Why Your Switch Died A simple on-off switch can die for a number of reasons. If you have changed the lighting in your home, your switch may no longer be able to handle the electrical load for your new light set-up. [Read More]

4 Options For Alternative Energy Solutions To Reduce Your Heating Costs This Year

Energy costs can be something that you battle with every month as the utility bills come in. This is why improvements to make your home more efficient can be a great investment and pay for themselves over time with the money you save. Some of these improvements, like conducting an energy audit, increasing insulation, and upgrading your home's heating system, will reduce your heating costs. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your heating more efficient this year. [Read More]

How Can I Avoid Office Electrical Fires?

An office electrical fire is something that evokes fear in many building managers. There are a couple of ways to prevent electrical fires and reduce their potential damage.  Get Damaged Wires Replaced The first thing to do is a visual inspection of your electrical wires. You can often see when the wires have been damaged due to being pinched or even gnawed at by pests. Get these wires replaced by an electrician to avoid a potential spark that causes a fire. [Read More]

Installing These Different Types Of Electrical Wall Switches Can Make Your Life Easier

Whether you hire an electrician to do the work or opt to handle this project yourself, it can be worthwhile to buy various different types of electrical wall switches and install them in key locations throughout your home. If you take a quick walk through your home, you'll likely see that the majority — if not all — of the light switches are of the standard, on/off variety. What you may not know is that there are several other types of switches that can be easily installed in place of the standard models, giving you more ease and comfort in the various rooms throughout the home. [Read More]