How To Clean And Inspect The Carburetor On A Briggs And Stratton 10Hp Portable Generator

Portable generators are a blessing when natural disaster strikes and the electric goes off, but you need to keep them properly prepared for an emergency if you want them to work right. One of the problems that can arises is when you use old ethanol-based gasoline left in the tank to power your generator and it causes the carburetor to get clogged. Ethanol-based gasoline can create a sticky varnish-type substance as it breaks down in the fuel tank and lines; especially if the gas has been sitting in the generator since last winter. [Read More]

Why Your Home Renovation Project Needs an Electrical Contractor

Are you thinking about doing some home renovation? Are you considering doing most of the work yourself? When considering home renovation, there are many things that can be handled by the average person. However, dealing with wiring and other electrical work is something that is best left to a professional electrical contractor, such as Conway Electric. Some of the reasons why you shouldn't do the work yourself include the following. [Read More]

With An Old House You'll Need To Check On These Electrical-Related Issues Before You Buy

Buying a house that is more than a few decades old can be an attractive idea for many reasons. You might be able to get a great price or you may truly enjoy the way older houses look. However, when you purchase an older house, you need to pay close attention to the structure and its electrical and plumbing systems and do everything you can to ensure that you and your family are comfortable for a long time. [Read More]

Lighting Up The Night: 3 Steps To Prevent Electrical Problems This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here. Time to start planning all of those extravagant decorations. If your plans include the use of colorful lights and decorations, you'll need to consider potential electrical problems, and how to avoid them. Before you start stringing those lights, here are three safety tips you should take into consideration. Inspect the Wiring You probably have storage bins full of lights that you use each year. While that's a great way to save money on your holiday decorations, it's also a potential electrical hazard. [Read More]