Three Times You Should Call Your Electrical Contractor For An Inspection

Unlike your annual AC maintenance checkup, electrical checkups don't need to happen every year. Instead, experts often recommend that they're held every 3-5 years in a continuously inhabited home as long as there are no other problems. This means you may be able to get away with spending money on your electrical system a lot less frequently than on other systems in your house. Here are three times you should call your electrical contractor for an inspection. [Read More]

What Is Infrared-Imaging Inspection and What Are Its Advantages?

One of the challenges of promptly servicing a home with needed electrical repairs is detecting issues that require attention right away. Infrared imaging inspection is a great diagnostic tool for examining a home's electrical system and pinpointing malfunctions. Infrared electrical inspections work by detecting "hot spots" or areas where excess heat is being given off by electrical-system components. These hot spots detect abnormal overheating that indicate a problem that could lead to component damage, safety issues, and losses in system efficiency. [Read More]

Signs That Your Workshop Is Due For An Electrical Upgrade

Most workshops can't survive without electricity because most machinery and equipment runs on electrical power. This means your workshop's electrical system needs to be up to date at all times. Here are some signs that may mean your electrical system is due for an upgrade: You Are Upgrading Your Electronics and Machinery The electrical needs for electronic appliances and machinery change over time; new equipment is likely to need more power than an old one. [Read More]

Hire An Electrician To Heat Your Garage In One Of These Ways

When you live in a cold climate, you'll often have a garage that is chilly, too. This can essentially cut down on your available living space, as you won't likely want to spend very much time in the garage when it's uncomfortable to be in. This can be less than ideal if you enjoy working on your vehicle, playing an instrument or otherwise hanging out in the garage — perhaps enjoying a hobby such as a model railroad. [Read More]