Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

Four Reasons Why You Might Need An Electrical Contractor License Extension

As you begin to learn the electrical contractor trade, you will find that to practice your skills in the field, you will need an electrical contractor license. This is a basic license, or "learner's permit," that will allow you to serve alongside a fully licensed contractor as an apprentice. If at any time you suspend your education or apprenticeship, you will need to apply for an electrical contractor license extension. Here are a few other reasons why you might need an extension:

You Are Waiting to Pass Your Final Exams

It happens, sometimes. You had a contractor's license, but you got so busy with your final exams and final projects that would make you a full-fledged electrical contractor that you forgot to re-up your current license. If you still have a day or two left on the license, apply for an extension until you pass your finals. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete your final projects without it, and you could fail the program.

You Earned Your Full License, but You Have Not Received It Yet

Good job! You earned your full contractor's license! You have just one problem; you cannot start work without a license, so now you need an extension of the beginner's license. Asking for a month or two extension on what you have so that it does not expire while you wait to receive your full license is just smart. You can keep working on whatever it is you are working on until your full license arrives.

Oops! Out of Work, out of Mind

If you were out of work for an injury for some time, you are likely to have forgotten a lot of things, including renewing your license. Get a license extension to cover your tail as you go back to work and wait for your renewal application to be approved. Then you can go back to work without any major worries.

You Are Retiring, but Not Yet

Another reason why you may need a license extension is that you are a few short months from retiring. The problem is, your license expires shortly before you retire! Applying for and receiving that extension allows your license to expire at/on the same day you retire. Then you can sit back, relax, and begin enjoying that retirement without the headache of a building inspector asking if you finished the last job with a full license.