Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

3 Questions You Should Be Asking About The Electrical Wiring In Your House

Taking care of the electrical wiring of your home is an important part of home ownership. It is vital that every homeowner know what to do to protect their house from electrical hazards. Many people assume that their house is up to code pertaining to the electricity, but that is not necessarily the case. Instead, it is important to understand the signs that you need to call an electrician to upgrade the wiring and electrical sockets in your house. Here are some questions you should be asking.

1. Does Your House Accommodate Three Prong Plugs?

In many older houses, the sockets that were installed only can take 2-pronged cords. This is a problem for many reasons. The function of the sockets can be limited, and the house may be unable to handle the sheer amount of power that it needs to. For this reason, you should call an electrician and have them upgrade all of the sockets in the house. It is better to have the entire house upgraded rather than try and just do a couple. It will be safer and it will help bring your house up to code.

2. Do You Have To Use Extension Cords Inside The House?

Another concern is that the sockets are not close enough together so you have to use extension cords throughout the house. One of the main problems with this is that extension cords can become dangerous. If the cord becomes damaged, it can spark and can cause a house fire. Many people put their extension cords under the rugs, against the walls or by freestanding furniture. All of these things can pose a fire hazard, which is why you should have more sockets installed in the house rather than bring in extension cords or accessories to help you get more power to the house.

3. Do You Have Enough GFCIs?

GFCIs are a kind of outlet that help to protect your house from electrical problems in that they will shut off if there is water near. This is why you should have GFCI outlets in all of the bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else where there could be water. If you don't have these outlets throughout the house, you are not protected and your house will not pass code inspections.

If you have any of these problems with your house, you need to contact an electrician, such as those at Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc, right away to make sure you are protected and that your house is up to code.