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Three Times You Should Call Your Electrical Contractor For An Inspection

Unlike your annual AC maintenance checkup, electrical checkups don't need to happen every year. Instead, experts often recommend that they're held every 3-5 years in a continuously inhabited home as long as there are no other problems. This means you may be able to get away with spending money on your electrical system a lot less frequently than on other systems in your house. Here are three times you should call your electrical contractor for an inspection.

1. Every time there's a presidential election

Guess what's right in the middle of the 3-5 year range? Four years. So to be conservative (in the not-political sense of the word), plan to have your system checked every four years if it remains trouble-free. You can remember by planning to have the check done on an election year, every time the Olympics are held (though of course then you have to remember if you meant the summer Olympics or the winter Olympics), or each time there's a leap year. This will make it much easier to remember when the last inspection was without having to look it up and jogging your memory when you haven't thought about electrical inspections in months or even years.

2. Every time you move

You should never move into a new house without having the electrical system thoroughly examined. There are so many things that can go wrong, whether it's a brand-new house, a fairly modern house, or an old renovated house, that you could be compromising your family's safety if you skip this step. Be sure to have a reputable, licensed electrician perform the inspection. Of course, if you're already paying for a home inspection, you can expect the inspector to catch the most major issues. You should always perform your own checks as well on basic electrical items, and, if there are any red flags, be sure to have a thorough electrical inspection prior to the sale. Otherwise, you may prefer to have an electrical inspection after you've bought the house; however, at that point you're liable for any repairs necessary, not the seller.

3. Every time you notice irregular electrical behavior

No matter how long you've been living in your home, odd electrical behavior can be a sign that something's going wrong. Lights that dim frequently, outlets that smoke or spark or look melted, or breakers that trip frequently merit a call to your electrical contractor. If you just ignore electrical problems in your house, they could worsen until they cause an electrical fire.

For more information about these situations and other times you should consider having an electrical inspection done, talk to a contractor like Palmer Electric Inc.