Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

Hire An Electrician To Heat Your Garage In One Of These Ways

When you live in a cold climate, you'll often have a garage that is chilly, too. This can essentially cut down on your available living space, as you won't likely want to spend very much time in the garage when it's uncomfortable to be in. This can be less than ideal if you enjoy working on your vehicle, playing an instrument or otherwise hanging out in the garage — perhaps enjoying a hobby such as a model railroad. Don't give up on using this space; you can hire an electrician to install any number of heating solutions that can instantly turn your garage from cold and uninviting to warm and cozy. Here are some different heating methods to consider.

Radiant Floor Heating

Having radiant floor heating installed in your garage is a significant investment, but one that will really help you to enjoy having warm feet and a warm body overall. To perform this job, your electrician will need to place a series of electrical wire/coils across the floor, connect them to a power source, and then refinish the garage floor — typically with some form of self-leveling concrete. The heating wires are then connected to your home's electric grid, as well as a simple thermostat switch on the wall of the garage that you can set to maintain a minimum temperature or turn on and off on an as-needed basis.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are another type of heating element that your electrician can install in your garage for you. There are many available models of this type of heater, but a common one is suspended from the ceiling, and then connected to a power source in the space. These are the heaters that cast an orange-red glow, and are comfortable because you'll feel the heat beaming down into you while you're in the garage.

Electric Baseboards

A traditional method of heating your garage, albeit one that is useful, is the use of electric baseboards. Provided that your garage isn't cluttered to the point at which access to the walls is a challenge, the electrician can install a couple electric baseboards in the space, when can either be turned on or off or connected to a thermostat on the wall. Try not to picture a 1980s-era baseboard; today's models are sleeker and offer a high degree of efficiency that will keep you comfortable when you're working or relaxing in the garage without significantly adding to your heating bills.

For more information, talk to an electrician.