Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

With An Old House You'll Need To Check On These Electrical-Related Issues Before You Buy

Buying a house that is more than a few decades old can be an attractive idea for many reasons. You might be able to get a great price or you may truly enjoy the way older houses look. However, when you purchase an older house, you need to pay close attention to the structure and its electrical and plumbing systems and do everything you can to ensure that you and your family are comfortable for a long time. Here are electrical issues with old houses that you should be aware of and pay attention to before buying an old home.

The Most Recent Electrical Inspection

Depending on the age of the house, there might not have been a proper electrical inspection of the wiring and other components of the electrical system since the house was built. Depending on how long ago that was, you might insist that the seller of the house assess the home right away. The house might have been compliant with electrical requirements when it was constructed, but you don't want to buy the house only to discover that there are many changes that must be made in order to adhere to current electrical standards. Go to the local permits office to find copies of this information.

Of particular note to you should be whether the wiring inside the house is aluminum or copper. For a brief period, old houses were constructed and used aluminum wiring. That was done to save costs, but eventually homeowners and builders became aware that aluminum can become a fire hazard over time; electrical connections loosen as a result of the frequent constricting and expanding that aluminum does. Today, many older houses are switching from aluminum to copper, which is commonly used in newer homes, but without a recent inspection you won't know what kind of wiring there is in the house or what needs to be done.

Signs of Electrical Problems

As you walk through a house you're considering, take note of different light fixtures. Do the lights seem to flicker? Is there a buzzing sound when you first flip a switch? Don't assume that a light bulb needs to be changed or dismiss buzzing as a result of the house's age. The house should be able to power itself without noise or disturbances in the light it provides. If you encounter these two things, make a mental note and ask the seller about it.

Use the information laid out here so that you are aware of different electrical issues you'll have to deal with when purchasing an older home. If you do fall in love with an older house, consult with an electrician like Skyline Electric, Inc. who can inspect the current electrical system, make suggestions, and complete any needed repairs.