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Lighting Up The Night: 3 Steps To Prevent Electrical Problems This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here. Time to start planning all of those extravagant decorations. If your plans include the use of colorful lights and decorations, you'll need to consider potential electrical problems, and how to avoid them. Before you start stringing those lights, here are three safety tips you should take into consideration.

Inspect the Wiring

You probably have storage bins full of lights that you use each year. While that's a great way to save money on your holiday decorations, it's also a potential electrical hazard. This is particularly true if you don't inspect the wiring before you set your decorations up each year. To prevent electrical fires, you should inspect all of the wiring before you set your decorations up. Look for loose connections and signs of damage, including frayed wiring. You should also look for areas where rodents might have chewed through the protective coating around the wires. If you see signs of damage, discard those decorations.

Don't Overuse the Circuits

When decorating your house, try to avoid overusing circuits. The circuits in your home are designed to withstand a particular amount of energy disbursement. Plugging too many lights into one particular circuit could cause your electrical system to short out. It could also overheat the system and cause an electrical fire. Instead of plugging everything into one area of the home, spread the lights out to several different circuits. It's also important that you avoid using those high capacity extension cord strips. While it might seem convenient to plug multiple strands of lights into one power strip, those power strips can actually overheat your electrical system.

Use Solar-Powered Decorations

If you're planning on lighting up your entire yard with holiday decorations, you might want to consider switching to solar-powered models. Solar-powered decorations will store power throughout the day so that your decorations can stay lit all night long without using any electricity. Not only will you save on your electric bill this holiday season, you'll also avoid potential safety hazards associated with decorations that you plug into your home.

With the holiday seasons just around the corner, it's time to start planning the decorations. If you want your home to be the best-lit house in the neighborhood, be sure you take some safety precautions. The tips provided here will help you fill your yard with holiday lights and cheer while avoiding the hazards that could accompany electrical problems.

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