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How To Change Out A Defective Switch

If you have a simple on-off switch that has stopped working, you can easily change out the defective switch and put in a new working one in under an hour with a few simple tools.

Know Why Your Switch Died

A simple on-off switch can die for a number of reasons. If you have changed the lighting in your home, your switch may no longer be able to handle the electrical load for your new light set-up. Your switch may never have been grounded properly, which will lead to its eventual failure. Or, the connections to your switch may have become worn out over the years from normal wear and tear. Regardless of the reason, if you have an on-off switch that doesn't work properly anymore, it is relatively simple to change it out. 

Protect Yourself

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you protect yourself. Go to your fuse box and turn off the specific circuit that you need to work on. Then, take your voltmeter and hook up the meter to the circuit to ensure that you don't get a reading; if there is still electricity running through the circuit, you may have turned off the wrong circuit on your fuse box. Go back and check your fuse box to make sure you turned off the right circuit. 

Take Off The Old Switch

Second, you need to take off the old switch. Remove the two screws that are holding the cover plate in place; you'll probably have to turn the screws counterclockwise to take them off. When the cover plate is removed, you should be able to see the switch. Before you do anything else, use the voltmeter and test it again to make sure that there is no electricity flowing. When you are sure that there is no electric current, unscrew the two brass screws that you can see as well as the ground screw. This will allow you to pull the switch off and throw it away.

Attach The New Switch

Third, now that the old switch has been removed, its time to attach the new switch. Take the green wire and attach it to the green screw; you may need to shape the wire into a half circle to wrap it around the screen. Make sure that the wire is attached tightly to the screw. Then, take the two black wires and hook them around the two brass screws. Make sure that you tighten it around the screw. You want the connection to be tight. 

Then, take some electrical tape and wrap it around the switch and place the switch back inside of the wall or the electrical box inside of the wall. Then, put the plate cover back over the switch and turn the circuit back on. The light switch should now turn on and off correctly. 

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