Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

How Can I Avoid Office Electrical Fires?

An office electrical fire is something that evokes fear in many building managers. There are a couple of ways to prevent electrical fires and reduce their potential damage. 

Get Damaged Wires Replaced

The first thing to do is a visual inspection of your electrical wires. You can often see when the wires have been damaged due to being pinched or even gnawed at by pests. Get these wires replaced by an electrician to avoid a potential spark that causes a fire. 

Do Circuit Testing Regularly

You can also regularly do some testing in your building to check for any electrical issues. For instance, you might purchase a continuity tester to verify that each electrical outlet is still grounded correctly. Commercial electricians can teach you other ways to monitor your electrical safety in the office setting. 

Don't Overuse Your Circuits

It also helps to be aware of how much energy is being used at each outlet. Certain office equipment can be a heavy drain on electrical resources, and it may be a disaster to place two power-hungry machines on the same outlet. 

As a building manager, be sure that you approve all devices before they are put in the office, making sure that their voltage requirements are met by your outlets. Avoid stacking too many machines into one surge protector when possible. 

Watch for Problems with Electrical Outlets and Devices

There are a number of electrical hazards that can be spotted early on if you're looking out. For instance, make sure that employees report to you if they notice a spark as they plug in or unplug an electrical device. If you notice that the power keeps going out at a specific workstation, this is something to be aware of as well. With a little bit of data, you can often isolate electrical hazards to a specific machine or outlet and have that item replaced. 

Install Appropriate Fire Suppression Equipment

Finally, you'll want to be prepared in the event that an electrical fire does start. The standard water fire sprinklers won't do much in the face of an electrical fire. Instead, consider having a fire alarm and monitoring system that sends notifications directly to the building manager in case there is a fire detected. The best chance of saving building equipment and documents is getting the fire department on their way quickly, and it helps if you are made immediately aware of any issues. 

For additional advice, contact a commercial electrician at a company like Plymouth Electric Inc.