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Creative Locations Where You Need A New Electrical Outlet

Having an outlet always at hand is more than just useful, it can also be safer. The reason for this is that you won't need to stretch cords across floors or counters, which can lead to accidents. You can also avoid the need for extension cords or outlet extenders. The following are a few places where you may want to install an extra outlet.

In the middle of the wall

If you have a wall-mounted television, then chances are you have the cord dangling down to an outlet placed near the baseboards. You can quickly remedy this problem by having a permanent outlet installed behind the TV.

On the mantle

It's not uncommon to place items that require electricity on the modern fireplace mantle. It could be a digital picture frame, holiday lights, or a small lamp. Instead of having a cord dangling off the side of the mantle (a real hazard if you also use the fireplace, since embers could strike the cord), have a plug installed on the wall just above the mantle. Simply arrange a picture or display item so that it camouflages the outlet.

In a kitchen cabinet

Placing an outlet in a kitchen cabinet can be a stroke of genius. If you keep small appliances in the cabinet, you can leave them plugged in inside there. Replace the old cabinet shelf with a slide out shelf, and you will never need to lift the appliance in and out of the cabinet again. As an added bonus, appliances kept in cabinets won't clutter up your counters.

Inside the bathroom cabinet

Another interesting and useful place for an outlet is inside the cabinet above your bathroom sink. You can stow your blow dryer and hair straightener inside the cabinet, perhaps hanging them on hooks. Using them is as simple as pulling them out, since they are already plugged in. This also ensures the outlets are enclosed inside the bathroom, which provides additional safety if you have young kids since electrical outlets and water don't mix.

By the front door

If you are like many people, you probably have a landing area just inside the front door. This is likely where your keys, mail, and smartphone end up when you get home. Consider having an outlet installed near this landing area so you can place a charging station in your home's entry. This way you are more likely to keep your devices charged, and less likely to forget them when walking out of the door since they are right by your keys.

For more help in installing new outlets, talk to a residential electrician such as those found at Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc.