Understanding The Need For Professional Electricians

About Sparks Coming From Electrical Outlets

Does plugging electronics into outlets lead to sparks coming out? You are dealing with a situation that puts you at risk for electrocution. The extent of repair that needs to be done will depend on several things. In this article, you will learn about a few of the possible problems that can lead to sparks coming out of outlets when plugging up electronic devices.

How Many Outlets Are Affected by the Problem?

If the sparks only come out of a single outlet when electronics are plugged up, it is not likely a broad problem. The wires inside of the outlet may have become damaged, which can happen for several reasons. For instance, sometimes rodents chew on wires and cause them to fray. Plugging in electronics that are too powerful for the wires can also lead to sparks. Sometimes the power cords on electronics have shorts that cause outlet problems as well.

Have You Noticed Any Lights Flickering?

Pay attention to the lights around your house for signs of flickering. Even if you only notice slight flickering, it is a sign of the wiring being faulty in the ceiling. Flickering from a single light might point to the fixture being the problem, but widespread flickering is more serious. Your house might need to be rewired altogether if multiple lights flicker and there are sparks coming out of outlets.

Is Your Electrical Panel Powerful Enough?

A problematic electrical panel can be the root cause of the outlets sparking up. The problem can be as simple as the panel not having enough amps for the power demands of your house. An upgrade or additional panel will give your home more amps. It is also possible that one or more of the circuit breakers are faulty. If only one outlet releases sparks, the circuit breaker that powers it up might have an electrical problem. You will either need to get the breaker rewired or replaced.

How Many Electronics Are Plugged into a Single Outlet?

The sparks from outlets might be the result of too many electronics being plugged up. If you don't see sparks when using just one electronic at a time, it likely because the wires can handle the volts of the electronic. You might want to keep the other electronics unplugged until the problem is fixed, such as an electrical panel upgrade. Talk to an electrician, such as those found at Alpine Electrical Construction LLC, about the sparks coming from outlets as soon as possible.