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Stormy Weather: Why Investing In Whole-Home Surge Protection Is Better Than A Generator

When thunderstorms come rolling in, many people fear the possibility of power outages, lightning strikes, and fallen tree branches. To help prepare for a storm, many people may decide to invest in a generator. While generators may offer extra power resources, you should consider using your extra home budgeting money to invest in proper surge protection. Whole-home surge protection can make a huge difference on your house and allow you to get through large thunderstorms without so many worries. Choosing the surge protection over a generator comes with many benefits.

Preemptive Protection

A generator can offer power options for your home after the storm has already done its damage. A whole-home surge protection system can keep you protected before, during, and after the storm. When lightning strikes and power surges occur, the protection can fend off these surges and ensure that your appliances and electronics are not destroyed during the storm. If you have a generator, it will not be able to supply power to devices that have been ruined from the surge.

Future Costs

No matter what the price comparison is for a generator installation and a whole-home surge protection installation, one of the more important factors to consider is future costs. If a power surge destroys appliances and electronics, then you will either have to pay for costly repairs or replace the whole appliance. Extra expenses come with generators, as well. This includes fuel, maintenance, and storage costs. It is satisfying to know that the whole-home surge protection will help protect your plug-in items as your home deals with power loss and surges. Once the power is restored, your home items will be back to normal.

Protecting Every Room in the Home

If you own a generator, it may be limited to the amount of power that can be given to your home. Not only are you limited on what you can keep powered up, but the rest of the home can be susceptible to power surges when the power kicks back on. A whole-home surge system will cover every plug in your home. This includes the video game consoles in your child's room, items plugged into the garage, and your whole home entertainment center. You do not need to purchase separate surge protector plugs because everything will be routed to the main system.

An electrician can provide you with estimates and installation details for a whole-home surge protection system. Seeing the benefits can help you choose the best options for stormy weather in your area.